Summary Fact Sheet

Size of the property: More than 3000 acres
Distance (time) from Eldoret Town: 10 minutes
Distance (time) from Eldoret International Airport: 20 minutes
Distance from Nairobi: 288 kilometers north west (316°)
Coordinates: Latitude – 0° 34′ 60 N: Longitude-35° 1′ 0 E:

Key recreational features:

  • Three golf courses with a total of 36 holes
  • Rock climbing sports
  • Network of nature and fitness trails
  • High-altitude athletic training tracks
  • Water splash

Key touristic features:

  • Game sanctuary (giraffes, antelopes and birds)
  • Scenery and flowers
  • Eco-touristic excursions to nearby tourist attractions

Key residential property features:

  • Phased development (four phases) guided by a master plan
  • Phase one: Three plot sizes of about one third, one half and three quarters of an acre
  • A deposit of 25 % for each plot with the balance paid in six equal monthly installments
  • Luxury houses/villas
  • A clinic
  • A private school

Key amenities and services:

  • Perimeter gate and top-notch security
  • Management company co-owned and co-managed by residents
  • Roads, green/eco-power, water, waste drainage, fibre optic connection
  • Airstrip
  • Water splash
  • 5-Star Hotel
  • Shopping mall
  • Organic green gardens

Key Economic Facts

  • Sergoit Golf and wildlife Resorts will be the first one of its kind in the western half of Kenya, an area encompassing about 22 Counties, and home to more than 18 million people.
  • Since 2000, property has outperformed most other asset classes – returns more than tripled (x3.5) compared to a well diversified blue-chip portfolio at the NSE (x2.25).
  • Kenya’s housing shortfall is estimated at 145,000 units annually.
  • The key drivers of demand are: (a) the growing middle and upper economic classes (10% of the population or about 4 million) and (b) remittances from the Diaspora.
  • There is a growing trend in healthy living within a gated community worldwide: In Kenya, 90% of all such developments have occurred in the last 5 years!
  • Key economic drivers within Eldoret and its environs: academic community, farming, light industry (dairy, milling, textiles), services (banking, insurance, hospitality, aviation) and sports.
  • Eldoret is the fifth largest city and one of the fastest growing with a population of about a quarter a million. It is strategically positioned to serve not only Kenya but the neighbouring countries of Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.