The Phases

Property on offer

Sergoit Golf and Wildlife Resorts offers prospective investors an opportunity to own property within a secure, gated and well serviced and managed environment. The development is in four carefully sequenced phases based on a comprehensive master plan.


Phase 1

Phase 1 will involve the construction of a PGA standard 18 hole golf course and offers prospective investors the option of three plot sizes of about one third, one half and three quarters of an acre located along the golf course. The plots will be fully serviced with essential infrastructure – roads, power, water, waste drainage, fibre optic connection – provided as standard. Housing units will be based on a choice of six pre-approved house deigns. The owners will enjoy free membership to the golf club including access to the Club House.

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Phase 2

Phase 2 will involve construction of a PGA standard 9-hole golf course, club house and a golf estate with luxury houses/villas on plot sizes varying between one third of an acre to one acre. Luxury houses/villas of varying sizes and pre-approved designs will be constructed and offered for sale.

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Phase 3

Phase 3 will involve development of a 5-Star Hotel, and shopping mall. An airstrip will also be constructed during this phase.

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Phase 4

Phase 4 will involve construction of a 9-hole golf-course, club house, retirement homes, a clinic and a private school. Initially, a mid-size shopping centre will be constructed and located in a separate, adjacent land, away from the golf course and residential estate. Depending on demand, this will be scaled up into a modern full-size mall.

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The entire development will be designed with a ‘green’ theme, with emphasis on sustainability and harmony with nature. The goal is an eco-friendly estate with very low carbon footprint. The developers, Sergoit Holdings Limited, will pursue a socially and environmentally responsible vision of community support and engagement as well as conservation and restoration. Of particular importance will be conservation and reforestation of water towers.

Organic green gardens – spread round the farm – will provide fresh vegetables and fruits to residents and visitors.

Besides relying on electricity from the grid, Sergoit Golf & Wildlife Resorts will supplement its power with wind power and solar energy.

The entire property will enjoy the highest level of modern non-intrusive security protection that includes access control systems with fully integrated biometrics, dvm, central controlled and managed cctv system, intruder alarm system and fiber-optic motion detection.

Why this is great value for you

  • Do you wish to live in a quiet, secure, well managed and cared environment with membership privileges to recreational facilities, including a golf club?
  • Do you enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle in a place that offers plenty of recreational activities and sports (jogging, walking, running, high-altitude training, tennis, swimming, horse-riding, mountain climbing, ecotourism, wildlife viewing, etc) in a scenic and beautiful landscape?
  • Do you play recreational or competitive golf?
  • Do you prefer your residence a long a scenic slope, within a golf course and next to wildlife corridors?
  • Do you plan to retire to a secure, well serviced environment with custom-made health and fitness recreational facilities (in other words, do you desire ACTIVE retirement)?
  • Do you desire a country home that is managed throughout the year for your use and for rental when you are not using it?
  • Are you a tour operator who wishes there was a high quality tourist facility in the North Rift/Western circuit – such as a hotel in an animal sanctuary?
  • Do you wish to live in a country setting but within easy reach of a city and airport?
  • Do you wish to own an asset whose value is guaranteed to increase over time?

Sergoit Golf and Wildlife Resorts is great value for you because it is designed to cater for all these varied needs. When you buy property in Sergoit, you are buying security, access to first-class recreational facilities, healthy living, prosperity, prestige and peace of mind.